a recipe a day: The Litchi Sally

Part of why I love what I do so much is because I get to drink… A lot. The creative process is hard, and before you pass too harsh a judgement, I’m not entirely an alcoholic. I just like to drink. OK, that’s a lie. I love drinking, and I love this drink. Why? Let me tell you why.

Drinking is sipping a piece of history.
When you taste a good whiskey, bottled 10 years ago, you’re tasting the dreams and passions of men who worked on that bottle for you. Same goes for wine. You’re literally tasting a piece of what happened before. It’s amazing, when you think about it, and absolutely romantic.

Well, the Litchi Sally wasn’t bottled 10 years ago. It hasn’t been aged for 20 years in an oak barrel, but it does have History. Albeit, a kind of new history.

Two years ago, I opened the doors to PURO Cafe in Shanghai.
Two years ago, a Canadian couple walked in accidentally, started drinking with us and we fell in love. Kismet happened. Magic literally pulled us together, and the Litchi Sally was born.

Made with ripened litchis, white rum, litchi liqueur and love, this is how you make a little slice of our south-east asian heaven.

(for photo purposes, I didn’t blend the litchis in.)


DITA Lychee Liquer
Bacardi White Rum
4 whole litchis (canned is fine too)
Soda Water


In a blender, pour a shot of lychee liqueur, white rum and 3 whole litchis in.
Pour into a wine glass.
Add ice and stir.
Top off with soda water.
Garnish with a whole litchi.

Drink and enjoy.


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