December Pick Me Up: The Chocoholic

In lieu of resolutions, I give you recipes. OK, one recipe. The recipe that combines the best of both worlds: alcohol AND hot chocolate. That’s right.
I call it, The Chocoholic.


What you will need:

Hot Chocolate (you can use sachet or made from scratch, it’s up to you. I personally, use PURO hot chocolate. Cause I’m blatantly marketing my cafe here… Heh.)
1 shot of Butterscotch Schnapps
1/2 Shot of Baileys
(you can add and subtract the shots as you wish. I generally just prefer this proportion.)

How to make it:
Pour the shots into the bottom of an empty glass. Make the hot chocolate. Pour the delightful concoction over the shots to make it EVEN BETTER. Drink. Repeat as necessary.

Another lazy girl recipe for you.
Hope that helps you chase the winter blues away. Happy almost Christmas guys!

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