12 resolutions for every month

December brings with it a bout of longing; a nostalgia that creaks in my bones and aches in my joints. 
A bitter wonderment for the future; a terrifying stab of shock that the year has passed and all that I’ve done has been quietly survive. 

But January is a clean slate; a new promise. A blank notebook full of yet to be scribbled dreams, thoughts, epiphanies, plans. 
I’ve never been the sort of person to write out resolutions; mostly because I’ve never wanted to be the sort of person who broke words, but this year, I think maybe I’ll give it a go. 

As my 21st year draws to an end, I’ll like to begin 2014 with a personal challenge: 12 resolutions, one for each month, and a new purpose for a refurbished life. 

1. To smile more
2. To write more
3. To find a purpose in each month
4. To be more genuine
5. To keep words
6. To trust more
7. To love better
8. Eat well, Drink well and Live well
9. Set goals and achieve them
10. To think positively
11. To give more
12. To reflect and learn more

Admitting is the first step in recovery, understanding should be second. 
I want to be the sort of person who leads a purposeful life, and instead of wallowing, I want to be able to swallow the bitter pill of life and learn to heal better, faster, more efficiently, less negatively. 

2013 has been a journey; a learning experience, a milestone. 
I’ve mourned, I’ve whined, I’ve bitched, I’ve done everything except learn to embrace the right now. 

Tonight, I’ll act my age.
Be a responsible adult for a change. 

And tomorrow, is a brand new start. 


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