This Is How You Lose Her In 21 Simple Steps

Thought Catalog

This post was inspired by the novel, This is How You Lose Her, written by one of my all-time favorite authors and writing role model, Junot Diaz. In that book, the protagonist, Junoir (who suspiciously resembles Junot in several, striking ways) explains the mistakes he’s made in past relationships, as if he’s sitting at the bar, conferring his tales to the mixologist.

In that same vein, I present to you 21 surefire ways to lose her. Repeatedly do one or any combination of these and you’ll be sure to end the relationship in no time, or your money back guaranteed.

1. Leave your diary, in which you detail your sexual exploits with other women, out where she can easily find it. If you have feelings for any of her girlfriends, be sure to include that in there, too.

2. . Blog about specific issues in your relationship on Thought…

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