What ‘The Spectacular Now’ Tells Us About Enabling Our Relationships

Thought Catalog

Rarely does a film come along that raises issues in youthful relationships and does so without overtly shoving it’s message down viewer’s throats. James Ponsoldt’s carefully crafted film The Spectacular Now starring Shailene Woodley (of Secret Life fame) and Miles Teller (from Project X and Footloose) deals with an important issue that is rarely so deeply explored in art: the issue of enabling.

(Spoiler Alert) The film deals with a complex budding romance between Aimee and Sutter Keely but perhaps even more pressing is how their relationship works within the frame of Sutter’s more important reliance: alcohol. Aimee is bookish, quiet, and as far as the viewer is clued in, only has one friend. When these character first meet, Aimee is far from a drinker but as soon as Sutter turns on his charm, we’re instantly worried for her. As time goes on, their romance blooms into something seemingly…

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