On Emma Roberts: Domestic Violence Isn’t Funny, Ever

Thought Catalog

Working on the Internet can make you feel really jaded at times. I’ll spend hours on the computer and walk away feeling like I need to soak in some sanitizer because people are disgusting. Fueled by the anonymity that the internet provides, people feel open to sharing every and all of their opinions — whether thought out carefully or not.

This week was especially gross for the Internet, and everyone slapping away at a keyboard should keep a little ashamed — myself included. I’m not going to address the Zimmerman trial or Texas (because the south is just being plain rude) and I’m still trying to process all the racist comments my fresh eyes had to witness. What also grossed me out on the internet this week was the reaction to Emma Roberts’ arrest for domestic violence against American Horror Story actor Evan Peters, her current beau.

Reportedly, on July…

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