when do you start being a grown up??

cause i never got the memo.

when did all these feelings and responsibilities and guilt creep into the picture?? gimme back my lazy summer days! gimme back irresponsible spending! gimme back my time and most of all, gimme back my freedom!

when i was a child, i thought the world would become more of mine the older i got. 

i’m still barely an adult, but definitely no longer a teenager and that thought terrifies me because of the tiredness i feel. 
it was fun for a while, playing office. 

these days… not so much. 

give me back open fields and sleeping in till noon. give me back the opportunity to be able to pawn away my responsibilities. give me back days of doing absolutely nothing. 

most of all, give me back my innocence and naivety. 
that i may remember all that i wanted to achieve and the energy to do it. 


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