i cry “asylum” from being left behind

asylum. definition: shelter or protection.

you had to go. i knew that. as did you. but i didn’t think it’ll hurt this much. 
and i didn’t think i’ll be this lonely so soon. 

this weekend was my 21st birthday and it was a best friend reunion of epic proportions! you came, you conquered and then you left. with faces to put to the names in my new life. reality is kind of bleak sometimes, and friendships get more real the older you get.

twenty one.

everyone told me i wouldn’t feel the difference.
truth be told, i don’t. but reality sinks in and what i’m realizing is that life gets lonelier. and i’m happy, but i’m sad. it’s the kind of sad that accompanies happiness. when everything is so good it hurts. 

and i don’t mean for it to be, but it is what it is. 
and life happens. people grow older. friends grow apart. and life continues. always. always. anyways.


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