all the reasons to not fall in love, and the one reason to.

because he/she will break you.
they will leave their mark in the ugliest and nicest parts of your heart and shatter the million pieces of you into even tinier shards and they will smile as they do it, disappearing into the horizon you were both supposed to drive into together.

because the fall will hurt. 
whether or not you actually get hurt. and you won’t be able to control the emotions that overspill and torture yourself; with a brain that won’t ever switch off.

because you’ll start to write crappy love poetry that touches nothing and no one.
except other broken hearts trying to fall.

because you’re not ready.
yes, this one’s on you. utterly and wholeheartedly, you know this. so don’t fall. because it’s not worth it.

because you’ll fuck yourself up. inevitably.
no matter how you try and reassure everyone around you that you’re fine, with that fake smile that even Barbie can’t pull off. 

because it’s love.
and how could you not want to fall when it’s the most addictive feeling in the world. full of sunshine and flowers and buttercups and dreams and sweet torture and secret longing and midnight whispers and the smell of new sheets and the scent of his/her shampoo.

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