because a person has to try

i’m kinda tired.

the kind of tired that reaches into your bones and settles into your soul, like mites that burrow deep into your skin and never leave you alone.

i’m a firm believer that work and personal lives should be kept separate. 
personally, don’t believe that you should fault someone at work just because of their lives outside of. 
case in point, when S and I broke up last year, I went to work the next morning with a big smile on my face, like nothing had happened, even though it was eating me out from the inside. 

it seems that a lot of people (and yes, i’m being passive aggressive here) don’t see it that way.
they like to judge you at work and the worst part?

they pretend like they’re your friends.

and behind your back, they make up lies about you. 
lies that don’t even make sense when you put it under the microscope to scrutinize. 
but you know, whatever.

karma. and yes, i am being incredibly passive aggressive here.
i apologize.

the frustration in me is bubbling over. 
but at the end of the day, c’est la vie. live and let live and whatever other what-nots that populate the universe.
life goes on. i go on. i do my work. i do my best. and that’s all there is to it. 

hakuna matata


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