asian privilege?!!

is this guy for real?

at first, i thought it was a genuinely informative, well-thought out article, but then i continued reading and the end is just a hate-filled rant. 

i’m asian, and i’ve never been proud to be one before. 
i grew up in a mainly White dominant culture, and i’ve always been made to feel less than i am. even until today, with so many of us asians holding “high-level jobs”, even though we “dominate” medical fields and law schools and are abundant in ivy league schools, i’ve never felt “elite” or “special”. i’ve never felt like i’ve been “handed” anything. 

au contraire, i’ve had to work harder than many of my white classmates. who coast by on life simply because they are white. after moving to China, i’ve realized that even more intensely that this is absolutely, a hundred percent true. 

asians have a thing for white people.
we tend to excuse their behaviours, trying to emulate what we see on TV; having grown up on a diet of white-man supremacy, i returned to my so-called “native land” full of pride because i identified as Canadian. 
i would rather be white than asian. 

for this article to blatantly disregard the struggles of our ancestors and to say that we are simply handed things is quite honestly, in my humble opinion, bullshit.

the only difference between us “asians” and the rest of the “world” is not our so-called “privilege” but our willingness to work harder, to push ourselves above and beyond. maybe it could be argued that in our generation (my generation), we are handed things, we do have this “privilege” in the sense that we have the opportunity to get into really good schools; but to suggest that it is handed to us is ridiculous. laughable even.

would Harvard really offer a spot in their school just because the kid is asian? 

the answer is quite simply, no. 
no company or school is going to hire you or accept you if your portfolio/grades are shit. that’s a fact. 
not all asians are smart. not all asians are rich. not all asians are in banking or become doctors. 

to stereotype and to put all asian people into one classification, under one name is frankly, not only insulting, but degrading. 
to say that we don’t suffer from racism is also bullshit.

i’m assuming that our dear author is a white man. a privileged white man who has never had to prove himself, been called “chink” or other degrading names growing up. who’s never had to push themselves harder than others to achieve more. 

furthermore, asians flock together because “white people” have never truly accepted us. there will always be a white supremacist attitude towards any coloured person. and yes, i am including us under the coloured category.

but you know, i’m proud to be asian. 
i’m thankful for the struggles that made me who i am. i’m thankful for the attitude that my grandparents have instilled within me. for the values that make up my culture and my people. for my identity as an ABC or a CBC or an Australian-born-Chinese. i’m thankful for having been looked down upon for most of my life, even today, because it made me struggle harder, to prove myself more, to want to be better. 

but articles like this? 
they disgust me. and i’m not someone to just sit around and swallow it. so suck it Gavin McGinnes, with your “asian privilege”? 

why don’t we talk about more pressing matters. like for one, addressing the real problem at hand. instead of whining about how asians are “taking over” everything, flocking to your “country” and (might i add) boosting “your” economy, let’s talk about how some (and yes, i’m fair enough to acknowledge that a majority aren’t as bigoted and racist as our beloved author) white people aren’t as willing to work hard, who expect to coast by simply because of the colour of their skin, and upon finding that reality doesn’t work that way, try to “solve it” by striking out against a race of people who have done nothing except be diligent and hardworking, trying to carve out a living and a home for their family. 


3 thoughts on “asian privilege?!!

  1. This article was a satire, I hope you realize. For one, it was posted in a category called “Modest Proposals”, and I’m certain Johnathan Swift didn’t actually want people to eat children.

    Plus it’s not even really about Asians. All the statistics have to do with Asians, but the point is to paint a portrait of race relations in general, not to hate on Asians at all. If anything, it’s more about White and Black people.

    • It’s supposed to make people think “if Asian privilege is so ridiculous, why isn’t white privilege seen the same way?” Except, it misses the point of white privilege entirely and oversimplifies relationships to privilege.

  2. “Asian Privilege” isn’t supposed to be about Asians. It’s satire aimed at critiquing white privilege, satire that completely fails to account for the historical foundation of white supremacy, racialization and institutionalized racism.

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