righting – a poem

i will let you go
even as i feel the burn in my lungs
i will breathe you out
and you will disappear
as smoke always does
into the horizon. 

i will dance away the sadness
in the time-honored
old fashioned way of
drinking away your sorrows
and i’ll wake up hollow
but happy.

i will breathe the whiskey
like i down the smoke
so that my body is lust
and dust
and particles dripping
with absolut truth

and you will love me
with that drunken smirk
the sort of love that lasts
until the sunrise
then disappears into
courteous handshakes

because nobody can love the reality
when we’ve grown up
being fed a diet of 
and bored
and i’ll smoke you out

so that my pleas of help 
and hope against it all
that you could be my hero
and will try
to catch the mist.


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