who are you and why are you adding me on facebook?!!

there are a lot of things i don’t do.

things that i probably should, but just refuse to.
things that i don’t because i simply don’t want to.
and then there’s this: things i don’t because WHO THE F*CK ARE YOU and why are you even adding me?!!

i won’t lie and say that i’ve got a great memory, but i’m pretty sure i’ll at least recognize your face if we were genuinely friends, or met each other at a party once. And I get it, Facebook is an AMAZING tool to get in touch with people, to keep in touch with people, to reconnect with people, to stalk your crush etc. But there’s also a point where it gets a little ridiculous.

People whom I’ve maybe passed by but never spoken a word to before, adding me on Facebook? That’s just creepy bruh. 

Life should be easy. Like a retro pop song. But technology’s ruined any idea of romance, and what’s left behind is a casual lay that stings after the good moment is gone. It’s nice to be recognized; a little flattering even, but at the end of it all, just flat out creepy. 

Also, no. 
I do not want to water your crops.

Please stop asking me. 


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