the golden cangue

you need to stop being stronger because you think you need to. because you think others need you to be. 
i think there’s something beautiful in admitting that you’re broken, in acknowledging that you’re unable to carry yourself and that you need help. i think there’s beauty in this because life is full of half hidden truths, and there are things we need to learn about ourselves in order to discover these hidden truths. 

admitting defeat is one of them. 

i believe that my beliefs are personal.
i’m not going to force them onto you because your beliefs are personal too. and i may not know you necessarily, but i respect you because you’re a human being. your beliefs are just as important as mine.

even if i may not think you’re right. 

life is full of meaningless events that fall in a random order. 
life is full of meaningful events that happen for a reason. 

i like getting drunk and smoking. i probably smoke too much. but i like the high that comes from meeting new people, and maybe you don’t agree with that. maybe you think you don’t know me anymore, but you’re changing too, and sometimes, people grow apart because someone stops trying.
i want to keep you forever, but i want who you were, and that’s a preserved memory that’s more beautiful than the reality.

and the truth is, you want me more, but you can’t have me anymore, because that girl is gone. and the thing is, i may not be able to take care of myself alone, but i’m getting there, and i’m starting to try.


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