a hundred days of happiness: days 46 & 47 – halloween and the end of the world.

halloween is coming again.

spiders, get it? hehehe

it’s always seemed strange to me, how the word serendipity sounds so much like surrender pity.
i want to surrender myself to fate, and let the chips fall as they may.

time rushes by in uneven, messy blinks, and before you know it, before your mind can even really catch up with itself, another year has passed.
last year was warm and fuzzy, with bright colours and cold nights.

this year is a distant memory in the making.
a repetitive slum of timing in and out.

i keep repeating this, but it’s driving me crazy, how quickly time flies.
i still miss you but i no longer cry.

it’s halloween again, and i’m super excited.
halloween = candy.
candy = a happy me.

halloween is the best holiday in the world. E told me that for halloween, i should dress up as a period and arrive late at the party, and watch everyone freak out. my friends, and yes, i’m typing this with a shake of my head.

life is pretty good lately, October has been vaguely kind.
November, be kinder, please.

insane, really. can’t believe it’s almost the end of 2012. on one hand, i don’t want it to end, on the other, i’m really excited to see if the world really is going to end.
i think, the prophecy is just about the world as we know it ending, meaning all our perceptions and perspectives of things will change. the truths we believed were laws will be disproved, and society as we know it will disintegrate into something else. that’s what i believe the end of the world will be, but who knows, eh?

only time will tell.

in the meantime, i hope you enjoy your pre-halloween/halloween weekend.
i know i will. got a good line up ahead.

so this is me, signing out early, saying, yea, i’ve been a bit lazy about blogging lately, but i definitely won’t be blogging this weekend.
so cheers mate!

have a great halloween shot on me!


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