a hundred days of happiness: days 39&40 – a Friday poem

because time slipped away from me, and i couldn’t write out day 39.

(a poem)

i didn’t want to be the sort of person
who simply accepted
that life happens,
but that’s who i’ve become.

so many dreams hanging on the laundry line
to sun,
but the shade’s burning
and i’m all kinds of grey.

is the word i’d like
to be used to describe me

all traces of who i was has been washed away
by the sea,
oh, temperamental sea,
where waves were once home.

you write me stories that grow shorter
with despair
and longer with silences;
the hunger pangs.

no matter who says what
i know how i feel
and the logic keens
because emotions win.

it shouldn’t feel this way,
but it does
and that’s the hard part.
that’s the hardest part,

that parting is such sweet sorrow.


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