a hundred days of happiness: days 34,35,36,37&38!

i can’t believe how time is just slipping away from me.

it’s so incredibly crazy. can i just say that? over, and over, and OVER AGAIN! it’s insane how time is just flying by, like whoosh whoosh whoosh! 
i feel like i’m marking months off a calendar at a time, instead of days. 

i’ve been working really hard lately, so please don’t hate me for not blogging. oh, who am i kidding… y’all loved the silence from my ramblings. 


told you guys i was working hard!

i’m really excited for it to open up (in case you were wondering/living in the Shanghai area, we’re setting up a new bar+cafe set to open (tentatively) in November.

we’ll be serving organic food and coffee and beers and wines and mostly, just our awesome company. no, i’m kidding. our awesome presence is just an additional perk.

this is what i’ve really been doing:Image

doodling is a lot harder than it looks! my fingers are cramping. no, that was a lie. i’m just really cold, a lot. because the temperature is weird lately. and our office AC is like the Hulk when it comes to cold air. A says i’m like a dead person, cause my hands are always freezing. 

i guess i’m just gonna have to learn how to be my own space heater. 

random thoughts: i miss being with someone a lot lately. mostly because it’s cold i think. i like the feeling of having a warm body next to me, but like i wrote once, we can’t always get sunshine, but we can always make our own warmth. 

i hope your entries into wintry days are going well.

mine is pretty awesome, if i may say so. the lights are almost always golden and the leaves are turning, and the air is clearing up (cause it’s soooo cold). reminds me so much of Vancity. i know, i know, i should be counting my blessings that i’m here and not there. i should just let it go, but i can’t help it! sometimes, it’s nice to have something to hold on to. and Vancouver summers are perfect in my head. as are their Autumns.

and autumn is my favourite season. 

so today, i am happy! because the past week has flown by. 
but i’m facing it with slight trepidation because life seems to be on fast-forwarded with every blink. like that Adam Sandler movie! 

time is a funny, funny thing. 


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