a hundred days of happiness: day 32 – 10.11.12

dates that have progression make me happy.
i’ll admit readily that i was one of those saps who celebrated 11:11, 11.11.11 last year.
yes, i did make a wish.
yes, it did come true… sort of. partly. but then, all my wishes come true cause i’m like a phony fortune teller. i purposefully wish for vague things so that if something random happens that falls into that category, i can be like, “yeap. my wish came true.”

life is good that way. or so i’ll like to think.

my mom mentioned something really cool to me a couple of weeks ago. she said she’d read a quote, something about how the best things in life/the best memories come from things unplanned, that happen spontaneously.
much like an accidental life.

i think life is a bunch of phenomenons strung together to create pictures that linger in our psyche. we call this living because there is nothing else, and to think otherwise is too scary because there are too many unknown variables, the universe is too vast for us to even try to comprehend.

it’s always been funny to me that living and leaving sound so similar.
i don’t think it’s fully sunk in that every moment takes us further from who we used to be, who we thought we’d be, and who we wanted to be.
i’ve always said that life happens, but i’ve never really understood what an accidental life is until now.

random moments make me.
i put a period there because that’s all there is to it. we can try to fill in the blanks, but that’s what life is, isn’t it?
it’s a big blank.

i read somewhere that health is the longest illness.
that’s true, to a sense.
maybe life isn’t just positive or negative. maybe it really is just a statement.

today, i am contemplative.
today, the date makes me happy.

today, i guess i’m one step closer to who i’m supposed to be.


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