a hundred days of happiness: day 28 – lessons of summer understood

last summer (summer ’11), i bought a book: everything that can happen in a day. it’s really more of a photograph journal/idea book than anything else, but i loved it. i wanted to do everything in that book and more. i wanted to be ridiculously happy and go out and conquer the great perhaps and write a new adventure.

i want to do a lot of things.
but more than that, i want to be the sort of person who doesn’t just say what she wants to do. i want to be the sort of person who just does it. period.

last summer, i kissed the most beautiful (to me) boy in the world. i fell in love like a million times with that boy, over and over, and i loved him more, even when he broke my heart.
last summer, i went on a road trip. i surfed for the first time. i ate apple pie on a beach with a swiss knife. i prayed and i got so tan, i was positively brown.
last summer, i got star drunk and fell like the shooting star i wanted to be. i lost my need for speed and for the first time, i was content, with myself, with my life, with my dreams.

someone once whispered to me that you know you’ve got everything when you’ve got nothing to lose. i beg to differ.

i’m beginning to think that you know you have everything when you have everything to lose. because i do honestly believe that what makes the moment even better, more cherish-able is the knowledge that this is yours, but it’s not permanent.

marriage is a moment of romance, not a permanent contract. life isn’t a retro love song. it isn’t signed, sealed, delivered and yours.
we’re all so temporary, but that’s the beauty of it. the idea of all the things that can happen in a day.

today, i’m a step closer to and a step further from forever.


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