a hundred days of happiness: day 27 – what i SHOULD do vs. what i’m GONNA do

this is what i should be doing:

this is what i’ll actually be doing:

that’s right folks! i’ll be making and then eating tiramisu! life is good! today, i am ecstatic by the prospect of tiramisu and pigging out and good times because it’s SATURDAY! yes. incredible, isn’t it? the way days just slip past like that.

i had a weird dream/nightmare last night. involving someone i hadn’t really thought about in a while, it was awkward and dark and very Tim Burton-esque. but i awoke to the epiphany that life is crazy. after a while, the things that hurt don’t and the dreams that terrify cease to. after a while, the monsters under your bed become your memories and the boogie man becomes the person you see in the mirror.

Ted (from How I Met Your Mother) put it best. after a while, we become our own doppelgangers.
but the people we become are infinitely more interesting, infinitely cooler and infinitely better. i think this is growing up?

maybe this is what freedom is. LJ once so succinctly said, who we are in right here, inside, not “out there” somewhere. and in introspection (see what i did there??) this is what freedom is, is it not?
the knowledge that you are free. sometimes, the choices we make may not necessarily agree with what others want of us, but instead of feeling burdened, i’m just gonna take each day as it comes, secure in the newfound knowledge of who i am.

today, i am happy.

ALSO! a little update:

i don’t know if you guys noticed, but a couple posts back, i wrote “November be good to me” and that Danny told me November is suicide season… well, Danny did tell me that November is suicide season, but i have no idea why i thought November came after September! the only thing i can say is that i’m an absolute spaz sometimes, and thanks a lot you guys for pointing it out to me. and yes, that was sarcasm. just kidding, but… not really.
so in actuality, i will update this by saying: 

have a good one guys!


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