a hundred days of happiness: days 24.25.26 – a hundred days of laziness.

confession: i didn’t want to write the past couple days. so i didn’t.
yea, i know, i know. that makes me a semi-terrible person. partially, it led me to the epiphany that i have absolutely no self control. which, i promise, i’m gonna work on. another thing to add onto my list of character flaws. although, i don’t really think laziness should be considered a flaw per se…

i have a book/diary/planner for procrastinators.

the inside is full of cute, quirky, witty and downright, absolute hilarious quotes for procrastinating, e.g.:

no. i’m just kidding. but yea. enough with my procrastination, i’ll just carry on.

i’ve been having a blast of a time the past week, mostly because i stayed in bed, and watched a lot of DVDs, and ate a lot of junk food and thought a lot and read a lot and generally just slept a lot.
the funny thing is that i think i’ve slept enough to last me a lifetime, but somehow, it just never quite feels like enough.

anyways, i woke up and today was FRIDAY. like… whaaaaaaaaat.
really. really dig Fridays. 

now, more so than ever, i don’t quite know why. maybe cause Friday means i’m that much closer to Saturday morning cartoons. yes, yes, i’m a kid at heart. not really, but yea. sort of.

in world news, i recently read that there’s gonna be a bacon shortage?!!i know right. WHAT?!
anyways, check out the article. i included the link for it, so you should just… type it into your browser i guess, if you really, really want to read about it.

the article made me LOL, so i highly recommend it.

today, i am happy! because the weather is cool, i’m in my favourite sweater, and it’s still warm enough for shorts.
autumn is my favourite season for happiness!

today, i was told that i look like a movie star, cause my baseball cap has made a reappearance. i’m rocking out from my happiness! OHH YEAAA


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