a hundred days of happiness: day 22 – October


October is finally here.

i don’t want to whine, so i’m leaving you with something that made me smile a little. jump a little. dance a little.
still battling a bit of a flu, and a whole heap of nostalgia.

Danny says October is Suicide Season, so i’m just gonna keep on swimming, keep on living, and keep on holding on and a whole lot of other cliches and platitudes.

somedays, living is hard.
somedays, waking up is easy.

i’m so looking forward to effortless smiles, but sometimes, it takes the effort to make it worth it, and that’s what i’m starting to realize.
i want to be the sort of person who is willing to work hard for what she wants. i think, it’s infinitely gratifying when people realize what you mean, and when they get what it is that you do, but without the climb, it really wouldn’t be worth it.

and isn’t it always about the fall?

i dunno. working through some stuff right now. like i said, my head is a mess. but October is a fresh slate.
be good to me October.
and yes, this is the hope. hopefully.

one day, i’m going to make sense and stop contradicting myself.
until then, my universe is expanding. slowly, but surely and today, i’m swaddled in blankets and my UBC hoodie.

hello cool weather.
hello hot coffee.
hello awesome-ness.
today, i’m OK.


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