a hundred days of happiness: day 5 – winter sweaters

i woke up today to a chilly 19degrees celsius, and while that may still be warm for some (yes, i’m talking to you Canadians heh), it’s a drastic drop in temperature in Shanghai, seeing as yesterday was a warm, breezy 32degrees celsius.

so… saying hello to my awesome, fluffy, knitted winter sweaters, i am über happy, if only because of the cool grey of skies, and the fresh autumnal winds promising cooler tomorrows and foggy, forgotten yesterdays.
i know, i know, it seems such a trivial matter to get excited over, but fluffy knitted jumpers are my vice! they’re my calling! ok… so, maybe not calling, but you get what i mean.

i love the smell of winter mornings, the crisp wind burning through your nose, the crunch of leaves under your feet and the warmth… the warmth generated by your own body. i wrote once that we might not always get sunshine, but we can always make our own warmth, and winter is a prime example. a daily reminder.

there’s nothing better than warm apple pie and milk. reading Kierkegaard whilst wrapped in a warm blanket. hot black coffee sipped on a balcony overlooking twinkling city lights. cigarettes that warm from the inside. and the best of all (other than winter sweaters, of course) winter beers!

ahh. can you almost taste it?
Christmas in a bottle. the spicy aroma of cinnamon or pumpkin, countered by the bitter hops. the sweet, undertones of berries.

i am happy.
ecstatically so for the re-emergence of winter sweaters.

today is awesome.

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