a hundred days of happiness: day 4 – old friends

i am happy and thankful for old friends.

you know the one, that someone you’ve known forever – the one who hibernates most of the year, but always manages to pop up randomly during the times you need someone most. that one friend who always knows the right thing to say, the person who’s a river of cliches and platitudes, the friend who always has a joke to tell. the friend who’s known you your whole life and has seen you lost your first tooth, was probably there when you broke your arm and held you when you cried from your first failed test.

yea, you!

i am glad you exist, and i’m so thankful for your presence in my life.

i am bursting with happiness and so blessed to be able to bask in your warmth and your love, to have known you for such an immeasurably long period of time, to have you witness my journey through change and puberty, to have experienced, alongside me, my stories of bewilderment and loneliness as i progressed through high school and then flew off to college.

i am happy to have been a part of your journey! to have played a role in your change, from that adorable toothless six-year-old into the awesome, talented person you are today. i’m happy for having been able to have influenced you in your decisions (some good, mostly, in retrospect, stupid), to have snuck out with you for our first concert, to have gotten drunk together, to have laughed together, to have cried together, to have exchanged secrets and to have grown apart from.

i am happy to have left you behind, and been, in turn, left behind by you.

yesterday, i wrote about Bittersweet, and what it all means. this, i believe, is a prime example of it.
growing up and growing apart and being happy and being sad and being a memory and being a friend. i am happy because i have these experiences, i have these joys and these heartbreaks, and it makes me doubly happy to have someone who knows, someone who’s experienced it with me, and there’s no one i would’ve rather shared it with than you, old friend.

today, i am happy.


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