cleaning up.

i cleaned out all the drafts in my WordPress posts page today. 

i cleared my inbox of all unread mails, and filed all loose sheets that littered my desk like confetti. i swept up the dust of memories and packed them neatly into boxes to be perused at a later date. i tied my heart up with pretty string and dusted it of unwanted emotions, shook it free of leftover hurt and wiped my senses clean. 

i snipped the strings tying me down to the ground, and finally, i am on my journey to freedom. 

i realize now that cutting the web of persons tying you down to your universe isn’t a finality – merely the beginning of a long journey. because there are universes out there to be discovered, black holes to explore, worm tunnels to dig through, new forevers to write. 

i am packing up to leave on an adventure to somewhere, a faraway place i don’t know yet, and i am leaving it all behind, even though it hurts, because comfort is good, but it shouldn’t mean everything. i bemoaned the fact that i used to be a hurricane, but now i feel like a breeze. i think for adventures, breezes are best; and i am just a balloon, floating into the open skies.

wish me luck. 

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