a hundred days of happiness: day 1

today, i wrote about cleaning out my life of things that are tying me down, or things that are no longer making me happy. i wrote of snipping strings and cutting out relationships that are no longer “good” for me.

i’ve always believed that i’m an inherently sad person, but lately, in my journey of expanding my universe, i’ve been making more of an effort to be happy, to let go, to breathe and to really live.

i’ve been getting so many responses and words of encouragement lately on my blog and in the other website that i submit my poetry to, and it’s really been helpful. it’s always amazed me that strangers have a way of making you feel so much less lonely and alone than the people surrounding you.

so today, in further effort of expanding my universe, after having snipping the strings to my balloon, i’ve decided in delving into a hundred days of happiness project, where i shall attempt to extract some form of happiness from my day, or something that i am thankful for, and thus, makes me happy.

today, i am happy because of resolutions.

i have a clean slate, and a freshly stitched heart, and a new attitude. i am blessed, and so thankful to be embarking on my hundred days of happiness.

today, i am happy.

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