The Public Slut Shaming Of Kristen Stewart = Not OK

This article is important because while Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s relationship may be trivial (at least to me), the issues discussed here are not.
It highlights the double standards that we as a society have been glossing over. The message that the public is sending through the sexual vitriol it’s been spouting is not that “cheating is wrong”, it’s that women have to be flawless. The message that we are sending out to kids these days are increasingly barbaric and stupid, displaying a double standard that’s becoming increasingly obvious. From “Legitimate Rape” to the public forgiveness of actors like Ashton Kutcher for cheating while persecuting Tiger Woods for the same crime, increasingly, girls are being exposed to the belief that if anything happens in a relationship, it is your fault because you are a woman.
We are taught from young that there is no honour in crime, and no glory in disease. Instead of focusing on our physical deformities, as is the case of our “superficial society”, perhaps it is time we started to look beyond the physical – the things that we can see, touch and feel, and begin to care instead about the deformities within our souls.
This article may be on the double standards regarding sexism, but it also touches briefly on cyber bullying and the increasingly shocking behaviour of young girls. If this is the next generation of caregivers, than we really are, if you’ll pardon the colloquialism, in deep shit.


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