What Today Could’ve Been

Today could’ve been curry day.
You could have been dicing the onions without the usage of your trusty goggles while I teased you mercilessly for playing the part of Iron Chef. We could’ve been laughing up a storm while huddling together around the stove in my old, tiny apartment: sniffing the air in delicious anticipation.

We could’ve cuddled on the couch watching a new episode of How I Met Your Mother, or New Girl as we waited for the curry to boil. We could’ve laughed at Barney and talked about our days, fingers playing tug-of-war as our tongues duelled in a battle of wits.

We could’ve been celebrating the weekend – the end of our first week back at school. We could’ve been talking about the weather, or taking a stroll down to the beach, ambling slowly, hand-in-hand, through the winding alleys of our neighbourhood.

Today could’ve been a day of laziness.
We could’ve gone to classes and met back in the apartment. We could’ve been laying in bed, limbs entwined around each other, hair tousled from the sheer exhaustion of doing nothing, fingers tracing constellations into each other’s skin as we whisper figments of an imaginary future into the silence of night.

Today could’ve been random hangout day.
We could’ve gotten into the car and drove down to the beach to hang out. You could’ve pulled me into your arms and twirled me around to the tempo of waves crashing upon shore. We could’ve looked out into the twinkling city lights of a faraway Vancouver and felt content.

Today could’ve been long-boarding day.
Today could’ve been stuffing-our-faces day.
Today could’ve been movie-date day.
Today could’ve been get-drunk-and-go-clubbing day.

Today could’ve been the day we were together for a year.

But it isn’t. and i don’t know if that makes me sad, or indifferent. don’t know if it’s pathetic that i remember it when you clearly don’t, but it is what it is, and i am who i am and today could’ve been a lot of things, but most importantly, is that it isn’t.


4 thoughts on “What Today Could’ve Been

  1. What a beautiful post. It’s not pathetic that you think of all the things you could have done. If he doesn’t remember it’s him that’s pathetic to be honest. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon

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