things to remember: never date a boy who has a girl best friend.

You knew him when he was an awkward teen. I can’t go back in time and gather those years and hug them close like I want to. I have the future, but you have the past. Which one do you think is a stronger pull?


things to remember to tell myself, and all the reasons i should never date another boy who has a female best friend. because:

i. i can tell myself all the reasons logically, but the truth is, even if i’m the one pushing him to hang out with her, when he actually chooses to, i feel hurt. 

ii. because having to remember that she will still be there long after i’m gone, is a reality that sucks. 

iii. even though i know that there really might be nothing there, there is equally the chance that there might actually be. and that’s terrifying.

4. because she might be really hot, and seriously? i’m not that confident. i get complicated and frustrated and jealous. 

5. because i want to be the one you run to first with all your problems, even if i may not be able to help, but she’s your best friend and you run to her instead, and finding that out when you casually drop it into a conversation? yea. that sucks. 

6. because i never thought that i’d be the girl who didn’t get it. because i’m the girl best friend of my best friend, and i always thought i’d understand, but when i’m with you, it turns out that no. i don’t understand. and yes, i’m a hypocrite, but gahh! can’t you just not talk to her? 

and these are all the reasons i’m gonna tell myself to stay away from a boy who’s got a female best friend because at the end of the day, somehow, i really doubt the hurt and the anguish and the angst is worth screwing a relationship over. 

most importantly though, i’m selfish enough to admit that i want to be the only girl in your life who matters.

7. because i hate that it makes me into one of those desperate, clingy, whiny girlfriends who insist on asking stupid, insecure questions like “her or me”. i don’t like ultimatums, and being in love with someone who has a female best friend makes me insecure enough to give them. 

i guess… i just don’t like who i become. 

4 thoughts on “things to remember: never date a boy who has a girl best friend.

  1. I love this! I completely agree with you, boys with girls who are best friends are just too much to handle and I feel,like you, that it does bring out my worst side. I want to be the main one in your life and I don’t want to deal with a girl who’s constantly hanging around you!

    • indeed, and it’s just too much mind f**kery involved, because even though i know, logically, that you chose me, the heart feels what the heart feels, despite logic.

      • I know right! It’s too much time occupied thinking about it and it’s so annoying trying to be ‘cool’ because she’s always so ‘cool’ and they don’t ever argue!

      • yea and it’s a double edged sword really, cause clearly you know how cool she is, and you are actually friends with her, and you may even like her yourself, but still, it’s just… kinda irksome and hurtful and i dunno. it’s one of those things that’s just really hard to explain. it’s really just an extremely annoying feeling, and the annoyance is doubled cause you get more annoyed with yourself for even feeling this way. does that make sense? lol

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