ob-la-di, ob-la-da

i am in such awe!

the past couple weeks have been a new low for me. i found myself struggling over words and floundering within sentences, lost in the bigger picture, trying to find meaning within the details.
these things are irrelevant.

i don’t want to be one of those people who says things like “ever since i was a kid” or “when i was younger”, but somehow, these prefaces have become a fixture in my writing, and it bummed me out. i’ll be honest with you, it really did. and the question “what is the point to it all?” became a prominent feature in many of my works.

one of my favourite poets on dA, PoetsHand, commented on a bunch of recent work that i did, and i am in such awe!

not only did LJ favourite my works, LJ also reminded me of the reason i write.

i write because i want to change the world, one sentence at a time. i write because i want to expand my universe to include the lives of others wiser than me. i write because i want to influence the minds of those younger than i. i write for so many reasons, and i don’t write because i’m wondering “what the point is”. i write because if i don’t then i’m lost.

and that is the point!

that’s always been the point. because writers fill an empty that the world desperately needs. so instead of focusing on how empty i am, i’m gonna start remembering the reasons for all the things i want to be. i’m gonna start doing what i preach. because the universe is full of sad, and that’s a point. the universe is full of happy, and that’s a point. i’m alive, and that in itself is also a point.

i’m not just going to do the things i need to do to survive, because that’s not living and i’m looking for life.


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