here’s to trying (a poem)

‘you seem busy’ 

your sadness trandscends
msn screens
and i feel your pain,

But you said ‘move on’
in so many words,
so i did – or am


you called me
temperamental once, and seemed
afraid of my
you keep telling me
you’re not in love

me? I’m trying.

You’re calling me
and begging
for help, but with help,
comes unwanted

Fatal attractions

You did the math, but
we were always
weak in
subtractions and multiplications
so still,

come here, love,
I’m trying.

So yes, I’m busy,
busing my heart and filling time up
with empty, meaningless
but you don’t need to know

the difference between
happy and joy
because your words
leave no more room
for interpretations:
shush, darling,
I’m trying.

written August 23, 2009

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