A Motion Poem

It seems

you struggle
your whole life
just for that

one minute of pure
ecstatic bliss

before building up
to a warm high

you call that

I call it a
psycho-schematic dream
of realizing


(Philosophy becomes simplified
within short poems that
hold absolutely no meaning.)

Lust summer
we tore down barriers
that made us

and we carved new
help lines into the phonebook.

Trust me, it’s better this way.

He says
it’s because pretty girls
always dig graves

Some abstract of an extract
can spiral into

full of idolization
for photoshopped


I mounted a mountain

on a bike and fell

ten stories
where I slept for
7 years

neither alive nor real,
dreaming of
alternate realities

until one day
I woke up and realized

that’s more than half my life.

*if you caught the reference to Andrew Motion, then you probably see more than I see.
written June 16, 2009


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