MAY 27, 2012 (a poem)

i long
for the faraway reaches
of calling waves

sand between my toes
with a foreign sun that shines
only 2 months in the year.

i long for the freedom of trees
asphalt pounding beneath my feet
the smell of rain on early mornings

his voice
his touch

i long for the happiness 
of that faraway dream
when traffic was human

being able to escape
to locarno
where pain was swept away

by his kisses
his words

i am alone
in a literal sea of thousands

because my heart knows 
what it is to be selfish
yet she cannot appreciate

i am trying
my hardest to be
my mother’s daughter.

i long for the wild empty
of snowy mountains
that i may scream my despair

because while the empty spaces
one consolation remains:

he is there.


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