i randomly found this in my journal. i wrote this a long time ago.

August 9, 2010. 

&then he broke me because i’m so f’kin breakable.

you were a sweet parting glance,
a faded goodbye scribbled
across empty note pages full
of sweet tomorrows; a painting you drew
to illuminate my nights
because i wanted wonder,
so you poured glitter into my life.

you were my intense desires
condensed into a lingering kiss
too sweet to touch
and now that i’m drunk, i never want
to be sober again.

you can’t just take me and then break me
because i gave you clues
that led to the shattering of this
godforsaken piece of glass, re-pieced
inch by inch by inch
&i know, i’m a terrible friend
but as your lover, could i pass?

you say you love me because
i’m all sorts of random and impulsive
there are other boys wanting me
and loving me because i’m beautiful, you don’t
want to share yet you’re pushing me there.
make up your mind b.

you were a lasting grin in the
elongating shadows of the night,
a pulsing heartbeat in time
to the tender joys of the rising light,
every kiss peppered with the bitter taste
of leaving too soon
and i love you love you love you

because i’ve been better
and you could make me worst.
i need you like a fish needs water.


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