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Force Majeure: [French, A superior or irresistible power.] An event that is a result of the elements of nature, as opposed to one caused by human behavior. 

I’ve often writ that life happens, and so it does. Beyond any measurable form of comprehension, things happen for a reason, and so we deal, because there’s no other way to survive. 
And that’s all there is to it, isn’t there?
Survival. Of the fittest. 

Everything Darwin reported. 

But loneliness kills. A slow, long, immeasurable death of soul that lingers in every depth of your being, silently eating you out until all that’s left is hollow and bitter. Dreams drift. In and out, a slow life of happenstance. 

I had the most wonderful dream the other day. I suppose my subconscious retained the perfection of you, the you that I can’t ever recall awake. 

For a brief moment in sleep, I remembered the weight of you. The way you tasted, my tongue tingles from the feel of you and my body is crushed by your warmth on top of me. 
My ears are saturated by the sound of your voice as you whisper secrets into the morning light.

I am happy again.

Trapped in a not quite past, imagining the words you’d speak if the world was according to me. 
Then, the alarm rings and I am ripped from clarity. 
Your form fades fast.
Our voices disappear. 
Your scent evaporate.

All I’m left with is bitter longing, closing my eyes desperately to retain the dream… But for nothing, because you’re gone. 

And I still have conversations with you in my head, empty words of things unsaid. 

I hope you never forget my smiles
Or the way my laughter sounds
Never doubt that what we had was real
Never lose that song I wrote.

I hope I never lose that thrill
Of falling in love with memory you

And though some may say that’s holding on
I hope it means something still.

I hope you know I wish you well
That I’ll cheer you on from over here
Because I know the roads are long
And lonely but we’ll be fine

Someday we’ll look back and smile
And I hope we never forget
The boy and girl we were
Once upon a time. 

I hope you never forget my dress
That windy September night
The day we kissed for the first time
Or the way our fingers tangled.

I hope you never have to experience loss
Or love another undeserving girl
I hope you know I wish you well
I hope you never doubt how hard I fell.

I hope you never forget my smiles
That Summer in Tofino on a road to hell
The way we screamed when you read that sign
And accused you of lying. 

I hope you know that times are hard
That life’s a journey of growing up
And loss is painful, love is hard
But I know you’re strong enough to carry on.

I hope you know that I meant it all
Cliches and white houses and kids
And I hope you always remember still
The way November fourteenth felt.

I want you to know that I’m moving on
and it’s sad but I know I’m strong
Thank you for your words of courage
I loved you best and I hope you know it. 


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