phishing scams

dot the i’s, i want
to be noticed.

tired: of being a doormat
do i have the words
extremely disposable etched into
my forehead?

things i’ve learnt over the years;
one. tattoos are permanent.
so is betraying someone – two. scars fade
over time, but some run too deep (or
is that a cliche?)

three. lessons of summer are easily forgotten

much like me.
staring at the face in my mirror
i find flaws

do you see them too?
cross the t’s i want to be

from the burdens of trying too hard
(always trying, never quite arriving, always a touch too early
or seconds too late)

“don’t leave me!”
is what i’m afraid to scream.

airing out fears and insecurities
in case you haven’t noticed (and yes, I am being sarcastic)
i need you.

like a goldfish needs gold paint.
it’s your turn now
don’t fail me, please don’t let me down

just stretch your fingers a little further out
and pull me into your arms.
let me fall a little more



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