i wouldn’t trade the girl for a song

a trickle,
a drizzle,
a snapshot.

framed in sepia nostalgia,
five kids in a car
speeding through the mountains
promise of adventure.

we shook our cans of coke
and let the colours burst fourth
in a fountain of joy,
our ersatz champagne

sipping the warm bubbly amidst
sun coloured sand
we watched the waves crash:

i take seconds out of my new life
to ponder the existentially fraught moments
of pondering
when the sun was warm though the wind was cold.

we threw our heads back in laughter
arms strung around each other,
five kids in a car
captured for forever

it’s queer,
one day, to look back and think
“God, we were young then”
and have it make no difference.


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