Is the glass half full or half empty?

I’ve never gotten why people asked that question.

To me, it never seemed to matter much. I mean… No matter how you look at it, be it half-full or half-empty, either way, the glass is still there. And it still contains something.

I suppose that’s the crux of it though. People tend to get so caught up in the details. In optimism, pessimism, in trying to see the big picture, that they lose sight of the things that are important. The things that are in front of them. Today, someone I used to love mentioned something about “evil”. It got me to thinking…

You know how there are all these vague little cliches floating out there, things like “sometimes, bad things happen to good people”, and “there’s more to the truth than just the facts”? Well… yea, that’s true, because life isn’t just clear cut! It isn’t black and white, no matter how we force lines and rules into reality, the truth is the universe is made of chaos!

A bad person can do good things just as easily as a good person can do bad things. The sun can be shining while it’s raining, and the thing is, when that happens, if the rays hit at just the right angle, we get a beautiful rainbow. And it’s breathtaking. So why can’t we just accept that life isn’t made up of just good or evil, that glasses aren’t just half full or half empty? That there isn’t any one category that anyone fits into neatly?

There’s so much potential in all of us, and that should be the main focus. Not what the potential is, but the room for that potential. The container, so to speak. But the idea of order in chaos is so enticing, it beckons us to fit things into tidy little boxes and file people into categories, into stereotypes, into cliches. I just never got it though. Why it mattered whether the glass was half full of half empty.

The truth is, that just never seemed as important to me as the fact that the glass was there, and that it contains something. Maybe what we should be more concerned about is what it contains.


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