why Friday the 13th has always been my favourite day

Friday the 13th by wolf-r4ph43l (on deviantArt.com)

At the risk of being cliched, here are 13 reasons why.

13. Mostly, Friday the 13th happens twice in a year. This year, 2012? It happens 3 times. I like the poetry of it.

12. Thirteen is my favourite number. It was the number on my football jersey in high school. It’s the number of letters in my name… Oh wait. Isn’t there some kind of legend about having 13 in your name? Doesn’t that make you cursed or something? Hmm…

11. Most people don’t like it. I’m not most people. Hence.

10. Friday the 13th has spawned some pretty sick horror movies. Horror movies are always good. Therefore, Friday the 13th is, by default, awesome.

9. Most people think that accident rates are higher on Friday the 13th. I disagree. It’s always been my luckiest day. Every Friday the 13th of every year. Lucky.

8. The Chinese regard the number 13 as lucky. I’m Chinese… Oh heyy there now. Reinforcement of #9.

7. In Ancient Egypt, we’re told that they celebrated spiritual ascension, which unfolded in planes. 12 represented our mortal life and 13 the eternal after. Hence, the number 13 celebrates death in all it’s glory. Not the sick, decaying body part, but the spiritual ascension part. Which is the main point, isn’t it?

6. Friday, which is the sixth day of the week is traditionally lamented as unlucky. No one knows quite why, but pre-christian days, Friday was considered lucky. Hmm… Interesting, innit? More food for controversial thought.

5. Friday the 13th always makes a fun day to spook your friends with ghost stories.

4. It’s the best night to party it up. It’s like mini-halloween. AWESOME!

3. A lot of superstitious people tend to stay in on Friday the 13th. Less people out = less crowds. Less crowds = better shopping opportunities. Need I say more?

2. It’s always a great excuse to veg out with your friends and watch scary movies you otherwise wouldn’t.

And… the best one of them all?
1. TGIF. In all it’s plain simplicity.


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